Corona Update

I’m sure it goes without saying that all club functions are postponed indefinitely. Please be safe, wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing. There is a strong possibility that Field Day will be cancelled this year but there is no official announcement. I will provide updated information when I have something to report.

73 Brian AB3RW

One thought on “Corona Update

  1. Please read
    Posted on March 27, 2020 –
    See our latest information on Field Day – A Time To Adapt
    ARRL – some possibilities:

    Encourage club members to operate from their home stations on emergency power (Class E).
    Use the club’s repeater as a means for individual participants to keep in touch during the event.

    Family members interested in operating Field Day and unable to participate as part of a larger group may want to consider setting up a portable station in the backyard with a temporary antenna.

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