Ham Radio Testing

Because of the current and ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have to make some adjustments so we can have testing now. Please be sure to read this entire post so you understand some of the requirements for testing.

  • Testing will be held outside.  Because we are still limited to having events inside, we will do testing outside.
  • Even though we are outside, we are going to require masks be worn.  We have some higher risk people that would like to test and to keep everyone safe, a mask will be required to test.
  • Because we will be printing tests and not using our normal test books we need an accurate count of people so you must register here (Ham In A Day Class do not register here, see the ham in a day page): https://hamstudy.org/sessions/5f45bc96ee13673d1d9186df/1
  • We will print extra tests so walkins are welcome but it is first come first served so if we run out of tests you will be out of luck, so it is best to register above.
  • We will be seating people 6 feet apart so we will have limited seating at one time which means you may have to wait a little while to take a test.
  • We will be cleaning after each person finishes their test.
  • We recommend that you bring your own pen or pencil.
  • There will be no public restrooms available so please plan ahead.

For this first testing session, we will be holding it at one of our club member’s home.  We will be on the driveway and front yard.  There is a church parking lot across the street that can be used for parking.  Please be respectful of the neighbors.

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