Next Monthly FARC Meeting – 15 APR 2013

Next Meeting – 15 APR 2013 – To be covered in the meeting is final information for the upcoming scheduled ARES events slated for:

28 APR 2013 – March of Dimes Walk, Baker Park, Frederick. Short event, always fun, usually from 07:00ish to 11:00ish.

04 MAY 2013 – Hike Across Maryland, Location is several checkpoints along the length of the Appalachian Trail from the Pennsylvania border to the West Virginia border.

The Hike is a large “All Day Event” and several people will be needed.

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There are several people looking at locations for “Field Day” with VP Ben Nardi taking the lead. It was  noted that “exposure” of the club activity in a public venue, with easy access is more important than number of contacts, while both are important, exposure to the public is much better for us as it promotes interest.

Also discussions of potential additional activities will I am sure will happen.

We look forward to seeing as many of our current members there, as this should prove to be an interesting meeting, and concerns the FARC moving forward.

More details to follow.

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Welcome Aboard to our Newest Members

Welcome to our newest FARC members

KB3KLC Ralph Kramer KA3PVS Vikki Gigante AB3RD Travis Fouche
AB3RW Brian Rozelle

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Upcoming ARES Events

There are currently two upcoming scheduled ARES events.

28 APR 2013 – March of Dimes Walk which is an annual event, and starts / ends  at Baker Park, Frederick. More details as they become available. The event usually begins early and ARES volunteers should be needed near 7:30A, exact time to be posted as it becomes available.  This event usually lasts a few hours, and is run from a communications standpoint as a Net Control operation.

04 MAY 2013 – Hike Across Maryland, this is an all day event and lots of coverage is needed.

Please stay tuned for more details, as this information will be updated as well as the Activity Calendar.

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FARC Monthly Meeting – 18 MAR 2013

Image_13-07-2012 16.24.36

At the March Monthly Meeting 18 MAR 2013

At the monthly meeting in March, the vacant Vice President slot was filled. 2013 officers are listed on the “About” page with some history of the club.  Numerous items were discussed after the business meeting was concluded in an open discussion of the direction of the club for the future.

Upcoming events, locations for Field Day 2013, VEC activity, and other items of interest such as training, and some administrative focus for EMComms consolidation in Frederick County. If you have ideas, now is the time to let them fly.


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