AF Army MARS Exercise

There is a nation wide exercise taking place now through the 26th of October in which AF and Army MARS members are participating.  Tasks are coming from various DOD and Civil activities.

One of the tasks that have been passed down is to operate a net on Channel 1 of 60 meters (5.330500 MHz USB) at noon on the following days: 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, and 26.

One or more members of MARS from Region 3 (PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, and DC) will conduct a net on that channel on those days. The objective will be to contact Amateur Radio operators to obtain signal reports and possibly various information on the status of infrastructure in your vicinity.  Each day’s net may be a little different depending on whether or not additional instructions are received from higher authority with regard to the information desired to be collected.  It may be as simple as making contact, getting a signal report, and your location.

If you have the opportunity to be on channel 1 of 60m at noon local on one of those days please take a few minutes to listen to the net and check in.

The MARS operator(s) will be using their MARS call signs.  The format for AF MARS operators is AFA3?? and the format for Army MARS operators is AAR3?? where ?? would be a two letter suffix.  They are not permitted to provide any personal information such as their location, name, or Amateur Radio call sign.

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