Field Day

Field Day has come and gone for 2018.  This year we did better in points than the previous 2 years but did not do as good with the walk up traffic as past years.  However, we still had a decent turn out, mostly of hams that have been inactive getting back into the hobby.  We added a couple more people to the Ham In A Day class on the 7th of July.

This year the radios stayed busy most of the 24 hours and most of the time both radios were active.  We had a more active GOTA station than in the past as well.

Unfortunately I think the weather kept the walk up traffic lower than normal.

The setup and teardown this year was fast and efficient.  Special thanks to everyone who came out to help with setup and/or teardown.

Here are some of the stats from field day:

Number of people that operated, help to setup or tear down 18
Contacts on 160 Meters 0
Contacts on 80 Meters 15
Contacts on 40 Meters 204
Contacts on 20 Meters 97
Contacts on 15 Meters 4
Contacts on 10 Meters 21
GOTA Contacts 8
Total Contacts 349
Total Points For Contacts 698
Total Bonus Points 1010
Total Points 1708

I setup a photo album with the pictures I have gotten from Field Day, feel free to send me your pictures and I can add them to the album.

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2 thoughts on “Field Day

  1. As one of the few who did walk up, I will say this – you had zero P.R. presence, and walking up uninvited was intimidating. With the cones scattered around the parking lot, the tower with “electrical wires” running everywhere, and the trailer of radios, it looked like an emergency control center, not an open-to-the-public event. There were no signs, the website had no information on the event, and “Joe public” has little interest in getting in the way of what looked like an official event. A simple banner with the club name and “Public Welcome” would have gone a long way to welcoming walk ups. If I had not reached out to Mike Myers, whom I had been in contact with for the upcoming ham in a day class, I never would’ve known Frederick ARC was participating in Field Day.

    1. I’m sorry things weren’t better marked. We were supposed to have a new banner this year but couldn’t get it here in time. There will be some improvement for next year.

      73 Brian AB3RW

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