Fox Hunt

UPDATE: Gary (N3YGE) sent me a map with pictures of where the fox’s were hidden.  I know a few of you wanted to know.  It has been added to the bottom of this post.

We will have our spring Fox Hunt on Saturday May 15 at the Heritage Farm Park 9236 Devilbiss Bridge Rd in Walkersville. The rain date is Saturday May 22nd.

The hunt starts at 1 PM at the parking lot right behind the farmhouse on the left when you are entering the park.

If you are not familiar with a fox hunt…. Low power transmitters are hidden in a park or large area and people use radios to find the hidden transmitters.

For this activity you do not need a Ham Radio License because you are only receiving. This means this can be fun for the entire family.

Below is a video of a fox hunt in Florida. This group is using yagi antennas they made but you can also use other techniques with small antennas that you already own.

Map to Heritage Farm Park




2 thoughts on “Fox Hunt

  1. Will you be publishing the frequency(s) used in advance so receivers can be programmed? If using 146.565 I’m all set.

    1. With all the recent rain the area is still pretty damp. We are postponing the fox hunt until next Saturday May 15. I will try to get the frequencies posted before then.

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