Below are codeplugs for different radio and programming software.  All of the below codeplugs have the same channel layouts and have all of the different repeaters and frequencies we use for events.  if you have a repeater you would like added to our list please let us know.

If you have a DMR Radio that is not in our list below, there are generic import files that can easily be adapted if needed so that you can build your own codeplug from scratch.

Channel Guide

This is a downloadable channel guide that describes in detail the channels that are in the codeplugs.  Download Here.

Chirp (Baoyfeng, Wouxon, Jetstream and more)


All Other Radios

Radio / Software Last Update
Alinco DJ-MD5 Download 05/26/2020
Anytone AT-D578UV Download 05/26/2020
Anytone AT-D868UV Download 05/26/2020
Anytone AT-D878UV Download 05/26/2020
DMR Import Lists
Anytone / Alinco Channels Download 12/09/2019
Anytone / Alinco Zones Download 12/09/2019
All DMR Radios Talkgroups Download 12/09/2019
Generic DMR Channels Download 12/09/2019
DMR Digital Contacts Download 05/26/2020
Connect Systems
Connect System CS800 Download
Icom 7100 (RT Systems)
Bank 1=Channels 1-100 (UHF/VHF repeaters), Bank 2=Channels 101-200 (UHF/VHF Simplex and Digital), Bank 3=channels 201-300 (UHF/VHF D-Star), Bank 4=Common HF Frequencies, Bank 5=Common HF Digital Frequencies
Download 05/25/2020
Icom 5100 (RT Systems) Download 04/07/2020
Icom 51a (RT Systems) Download 04/07/2020
Kenwood TH-D74A Download 04/07/2020
MYT-3000 Download
Radioditty GD-55 Download
Radiodiity GD-77 Download
Retvis RT-82 / 2018 Download
TYT MD-380/390 VHF Download
TYT MD-380/390 UHF Download
TYT MD-UV380/UV390 VHF Download
Yaesu FT-1D (RT Systems) Download
Yaesu FT-2D (RT Systems) Download 04/07/2020
Yaesu FT-3D (RT Systems) Download 04/07/2020
Yaesu FT-8900 (RT Systems) Download 04/07/2020
Yaesu FTM-100 (RT Systems) Download 04/07/2020
Yaesu FTM-400 (RT Systems) Download 04/07/2020

If you find any issues with the Codeplugs / Configurations above or would like something added, please send an email to mike (at) I will add the issue or request to the story tracker. I try to fix issues or add new requests about once a month.

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