Study Aids

There are many different ways that you can study for any of the Amateur Radio tests.  Every person learns differently and one of the different tools will fit your style of learning.

  • If you learn best by reading a reference manual style of book then the ARRL books will work great for you.  Even if that style of learning is not the best option for you, the books are great for reference.  You can purchase these books directly from the ARRL at: and this book: will get you started.  The ARRL also has books for the General and Extra class licenses.
  • There is another popular book by a well known Ham, Gordon West.  He takes a different approach to teaching, he walks through each of the questions and explains why the correct answer is the correct answer.  You can pick up his books on Amazon, just search for Gordon West Technician Class Manual.
  • If you learn by using flash cards, you can use  When you use their flash card tool, you get the real questions and the real answers.  You can flip the card over (virtually of course) and see the correct answer and why it is the correct answer. keeps track of the ones you miss and will bring them back up until you get it right.  I know many people that used this free tool online and never picked up a book and passed their tests.
  • There is also hamtestsonline .com that is similar to  There is a fee for this service.
  • If you have a smartphone or tablet computer, you can get tools to study on those as well.
  • There are plenty of resources available to learn and practice for your Amateur Radio test.
  • If you are a YouTube user, you can find hours and hours of content about getting you license out there.


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