Field Day 2021 at Remsburg Park – What a Success

The Frederick Amateur Radio Club’s 2021 Field Day was a great success.  We had a great turnout of both hams and just people curious what we were doing.  A few of the people that stopped by hung around for a long time.  We also got to meet some new hams in the area and got to know them better.  Because of the Pandemic, we have not been able to get together in person for a while and it was nice to be able to interact with other hams in person.

It was also nice to be able to have new hams that are just technicians be able to see what operating in HF was like.  I hope this encourages them to take the next step to General and maybe even onto Extra.

I have generated the final numbers yet but we had around 230 contacts, almost twice as many as our last field day in 2018.  All 3 radios were in use almost the entire time.  There was one that sat idle for a little bit very early in the morning for a few hours but the other 2 in the trailer were in use almost the entire time thanks to the overnight team of Sandy, Steve and Dave.

Also, as you can see in the pictures, this location was wonderful.  It was a little hot but there was a nice breeze on Saturday.  Sunday was even warmer and more humid.  But Remsburg Park in Middletown is a great place to have a Field Day.

I will be uploading some video soon as well, the photo album software does not like videos so I will have to insert it later.

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Here is a direct link to the photo album:

Time-Lapse Tear-Down video

Just in case you found this and are not familiar with what field day is all about, you can learn more here:

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Field Day 2021

We are going to do field day this year.  We have been holding off making a decision because we could not find a highly public location like Walmart that would let use their parking lot.  But we did get permission to have field day at Remsburg Park in Middletown.

Field Day is Saturday the 26. and Sunday the 27th.

There are a few things that we need for a successful field day:

  • A Safety Officer (we have the medical kit, etc) on site.  See link below, it is basically filling out a checklist.
  • Someone to lead a small group of people to put up the antennas.
  • People to help with antenna and site setup on Saturday morning.
  • Someone to lead a small group of people to take down the antennas.
  • People to help with taking the setup down on Sunday at 2pm.
  • Photographer (nice to have)
  • A social media manager (nice to have).  See link below for field day public relations.
  • Someone to get the Field Day bulletin off the air
  • Most importantly, people to operate the radios and make contacts.
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Fox Hunt

UPDATE: Gary (N3YGE) sent me a map with pictures of where the fox’s were hidden.  I know a few of you wanted to know.  It has been added to the bottom of this post.

We will have our spring Fox Hunt on Saturday May 15 at the Heritage Farm Park 9236 Devilbiss Bridge Rd in Walkersville. The rain date is Saturday May 22nd.

The hunt starts at 1 PM at the parking lot right behind the farmhouse on the left when you are entering the park.

If you are not familiar with a fox hunt…. Low power transmitters are hidden in a park or large area and people use radios to find the hidden transmitters.

For this activity you do not need a Ham Radio License because you are only receiving. This means this can be fun for the entire family.

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The Palomino Dual Band J-Pole

The Frederick Amateur Radio Clubs very own Three Amigos (Sandy KB3EOF, Steve KC3MAU and Kurt K3KOH) have designed and built a dual band J-Pole with very low SWR.  You can build one too…  The video below walks through how it was designed and how to assemble it as well as how it performs.  Be sure to like the video and give it a thumbs up!


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