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Skywarn is an excellent opportunity to provide a positive input back into the community. It is providing useful information to fill in the blanks as related to the current technology shortcomings.

There are gaps in what technology can discerne, when it comes to weather.  You will get some excellent background training, and help to provide some “Ground Truth” to what they think may be happening.

If you are an Amateur Radio Operator, all the better, as you are likely familier with observations, procedure, and attention to detail.  SkyWarn is what we collectively make it, fun to participate in, and provides a good deal of information to the NWS.

A training class is required to participate, and it does allow additional information to flow in the event of severe weather. Training is provided several times a year in multiple locations. This is a good way to give something back and participate in something that can benefit the community you live in. HAM Radio Operators are well liked in this community.

Here are the local classes for the Washington/Baltimore area:


Latest Frederick, Maryland, weather conditions and forecast


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