February Meeting Notes

At the February meeting plans were finalized for the March 21 Tabletop/Tailgate event at the Independent Hose Company Social Hall 310 Baughmans Lane in Frederick. Setup begins at 6:00 and doors open at 6:30. Table space is free to all FARC members and a $10 donation is asked of non-members. Spread the word and help make this a great event.

The club is planning to have a quarterly dinner meeting at the Golden Corral on Spectrum Dr. in Frederick. The first meeting will be held April 21 at 7:00. Everyone is invited to come out for some good food and fellowship.

Members discussed the possibility of having a regular rag chew net on the 146.640 repeater. We would like to give some experience to new hams, provide an opportunity for members to socialize, and better utilize the club repeater. No date or time have been set and we would appreciate some input from our members. Do we have anyone interested in participating and when is a good time? Feel free to add comments to this post or send us an email through the contact page to let us know how you feel.

For quite some time there have been discussions about holding a Ham Cram session. This would be a day long event where non-licensed individuals could study for the Technician exam. At the end of the day the participants would have the opportunity to take the Technician exam. Anyone interested in helping out please let us know via comments or email. We could use a few people who are VEs to help with the testing process. Get involved and help new people experience the hobby we all love.

Our meeting concluded with a fantastic presentation by Keith Elkin KB3TCB on HSMM-Mesh. He explained the necessary equipment, discussed the possibilities for emergency communication, and he talked about how this developing technology can change the future of Ham radio. For anyone who missed it or would like to find out a little more about this fascinating subject the notes from his presentation can be found on his website http://remoteamatuer.com/ .



Brian AB3RW

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MDC Section-wide Net-Update

Due to a miscalculation on the part of the MDC section the Echolink net will be held again on 2/21. The regularly scheduled net is the third Friday of the month. For anyone intested you an log in to the link Wash_DC 6251. There are also several repeaters that fequently link into the network including:

KA2JAI-R on the KB3CMA repeater 442.300(+), PL=107.2 in
> Annapolis, MD
> – WB3GXW-R, 147.225(+), PL=156.7, located in Calverton, MD
> – N3HF-L, 443.45(+), PL=151.4, located near Ocean City, MD
> – N3HF-R, 443.45(+), PL=156.7, located near Silver Spring, MD
> – W3ICF-R, 146.73(-), PL=141.3, located near Frederick, MD
> – K3CAL-R, 146.985(-), PL=156.7, located near Sunderland, MD
> – W3SMR, 147.150 MHz(+), PL=114.8, Brandywine, MD
> – N3RO-L, 145.545, Simplex, Frederick Co
> – W3SMD-L, 147.51 Simplex, N. St Mary’s Co
> – K3GMR-R 146.61, No PL, Cheverly, MD


All hams are encouraged to join in and  feel free to share any of the latest news from your neck of the woods.

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Monthly Meeting

Don’t forget our regularly scheduled monthly meeting is Monday Feb. 17 at the Social Hall in the Independent Hose Fire Company building 310 Baughmans Ln. in Frederick. The meeting starts at 7:00 pm so make plans to be in attendence.

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Calendar of Events

Be sure to check out our recently updated calendar for activities of interest to hams in the Frederick area and send us an email if you have anything you would like add.


73 Brian AB3RW

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