October Update

The foxhunt will be this weekend October  at 13:00. We will be meeting in the parking lot at the Heritage Farm Park on Devilbiss Bridge Road in Walkersville. Our monthly meeting for October will be a dinner meeting. We will meet at the Flaming Grill on W. Patrick St. (by Kmart). at 18:30. The November meeting will be a planning meeting as we set our sights on 2016. We will be taking nominations for officers for the coming year, setting a schedule for testing and discussing possible activities. Make sure you’re in attendance for this one.




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Monthly Meeting

This is just a reminder that Monday September 19 is our monthly FARC
meeting. We will be in the social hall at the Independent Hose Company fire
station on Baughmans Ln. The meeting will start at 19:00. Hope to see you  there.


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Foxhunt Update

We have made a change of venue for the foxhunt this weekend. We will be moving to the Heritage Farm Park on Devilbiss Rd. in Walkersville instead of Fountain Rock Park. This is a much larger park and will help us have a much better hunt. The event is open to any and all hams. Meet in the parking lot Saturday September 12 at 13:00. One fox will use 145.600 and the other will use 146.600. Hope to see you there.






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Fall Foxhunt

The fall foxhunt will be Saturday September 12 at 13:00. We will be meeting at Fountain Rock Park in Walkersville. The hunt is open to everyone. Hope to see you there!


Brian AB3RW

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August Meeting

Its time again for the monthly club meeting. We will be meeting Monday August 17 at 17:00 at the Social Hall in the Independent Hose Company on Baughmans Ln. This is also a testing session so VEs should be there between 15:30 and 15:45. Hope to see you there.


Brian AB3RW

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Tour De Frederick and Gran Fondo

Frederick ARES and The Frederick Amateur Radio Club will be providing
communications for both the Tour De Frederick on Aug. 15th,  and the Gran
Fondo Bike Race on Sept. 20th. We need operators with a mobile or HT 2M rig
willing to man the checkpoints/timing stations listed during the event.
We’ll plan on using the FARG 146.730 –  (PL 141.3) repeater for both events.

For Tour De Frederick, here are the checkpoints and times:

There are three rides on Saturday 32, 62, and 100 miles.

100 Mile starts at 06:30

62 Mile starts at 07:00

34 Mile starts at 08:00

Radio operations would probably commence at about 06:30 at Deleplaine, and
continue until late in the afternoon once all of the SAG vehicles have
reported clear.

There are 6 sites if you include the Delaplain Visual Arts Center as the
start and finish area. The rest are:

Rocky Point Creamery 4323 Tuscarora Road, Tuscarora (09:00-11:00)

Rocky Ridge Park on Motter’s Station Rd, MD 76 (07:30-10:00)

Rinker Family Front Yard at 7627 Utica Rd, Thurmont (09:30-14:00)

Sachs Covered Bridge on Water Works Rd Gettysburg, PA (08:30-11:00)

Emmitsburg Community Park on Willow Drive (09:30-11:30)

Rocky Point Creamery is used as the rest stop for the 36 miles ride. It is
the only ride and rest stop south of Frederick.

The 62 and 100 miles rides head north, and the 100 miler goes up to

For Gran Fondo:

Times                                   Operators (name, call, cell #)

Time 1 – Hamburg Rd.                                     0825-0925

(.4 mi. NW of Bethel Rd.)

Time 2 – Park Central Rd.                              0900-1045

(.6 mi. N of Foxville Rd.)

Time 3 – Intersection of Hamp-                 0950-1230

ton Valley and Crystal Fountain


Time 4 – Intersection of Wolfs-                  1145-1400

Ville and Highland School Rds.                    1400-1610

Net Control –  (Start/Finish)                        0800-1700

Thomas Johnson Ct.

Sweep Vehicle                                                 0800-1200
Jeff Fishman KB3FIO – 240-285-6596


For the locations with longer hours, we will try and limit the shifts to 4
hours. As always, you don’t have to be a member of ARES, FARC, or MADXRA –
just a ham willing to lend a hand.

Please let me know if you’re available and what assignments and times you’d
like. Thanks.

Jeff Fishman KB3FIO


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Just a reminder of the FARC 2m net on the 146.640 repeater this Wednesday night at 19:00. This net wis held every other Wednesday. The net is open to any and all hams so be sure to check in. The next FARC meeting is a dinner meeting at Flaming Grill on West Partrick near the Kmart. We will be meeting there at 18:30 on Monday May 18th. Hope to see you there.




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Don’t forget the first FARC 2m net on the 146.640 repeater this Wednesday night at 19:00. This net will be held every other Wednesday. The net is open to any and all hams so be sure to check in. The much anticipated return of the 147.060 repeater has occured. I am sure that everyone is happy to see this repeater back on the air. The weekly Frederick County ARES net has moved back to the .060 repeater.





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April Update

I want to give a big thank you to Phil Stalnaker (W3ICF) and his son John (N3VTV) for the great presentation on D-Star at the April meeting. With the help of Rolan Clark (W3FDK) and John Snow (W3ATR) we got a good overview of D-Star. They could easily have continued for several more hours on the subject and hopefully they will return some time in the future.

Next month we will be meeting at the Flaming Grill next to Kmart on West Patrick St. We will meet at 18:30 so bring your appetite. We need to set dates for Foxhunts. I think a date in September would be great and possibly set one up for April next year so that we can have two of them next year. Any comments please let me know or bring them with you. We will also be hosting a regular club rag chew net on the 146.640 repeater every other Wednesday at 19:00. The first net will take place on Wednesday April 29 and it is open to any and all hams. Lets knock the cobwebs off the repeater and have some social time.

Over the past few years Mark Whitmore (AB3KS) has done a fantastic job as our treasurer. He has put in a lot of work returning the club’s non-profit status and we owe him a debt of gratitude. Mark has requested that we find a new treasurer so if anyone is interested in the position please let me know.

We are also still looking for people to help out with the March of Dimes Walk on April 26 at the Urbana Park and the Hike Across Maryland on the Appalachian Trail Saturday May 2. The hike is a major event that takes place every two years and we could really use a few more operators for this event. You don’t have to be a club member or member of ARES to participate. Any and all help will be much appreciated. Contact Jeff Fishman KB3FIO for further information.



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Upcoming Events

With the warmer weather comes the annual events that need radio communication and this year is no exception. The first event is the March of Dimes Walk. This year it will be taking place at the Urbana District Park on April 26 from 09:00-12:00. We need 4-6 operators in addition to net control. We will be operating on 146.580 simplex. This is a great way for new hams to get some experience working with net control.

The second and larger event is the Hike Across Maryland. The hike takes place on Saturday March 2 starting in Pen Mar and ending down in Harpers Ferry, WV. We need operators to staff a total of 10 checkpoints at different times throughout the day. We will be operating in shifts for any checkpoint open more than 3-4 hours. The frequencies are yet to be determined due to the current situation with the K3MAD repeater. Further information will be passed along as it becomes available. The checkpoints and times are:

Pen Mar 0500-0630

High Rock 0515-0730

Raven Rock Rd. 0600-0830

Ensign Cowell Shelter 0630-1200

Boonsboro Rd. 0845-1300

Washington Monument 0900-1530

Lambs Knoll 1000-1630

Gathland 1130-1915

Weaverton 1345-2030

Harpers Ferry 1300-2100

We have coverage for Pen Mar and Harpers Ferry for ops. ARES membership is not required to participate. If you are available to help out during these events please contack Jeff Fishman KB3FIO at (240) 285-6596. Any help will be much appreciated.


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