Field Day 2013 – After Action Report

Field Day 2013 was largely a success in my view.  We had several inquiries about what and how we do things, visits by ARRL and FEMA representatives. Also several visiting former or prospective new HAMS.

While we will not win any contesting awards, nor were we seeking to, we did have over 150 contacts, and got to show the public what we do.

We did have plenty of literature from the ARRL and ARES ready to hand out, so information was available.

We carted in the trailer tower, and that setup went quickly, and the antenna was raised up to about 32 feet, which was tall enough to clear surrounding buildings. The vertical worked well.  Also setup was the Carolina Windham long wire.

Lessons learned:  Due to some technical glitches, the networked logging computers, we not quite operational, so different bands were used on the radios, and one logged by software, and one by paper, and were then combined.  We will work on the issues, and have a full setup ready for next year.

Photos available, and you can send more to me if you have them and I’ll post them. Available photos can be found here:


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