Field Day 2013

Field Day 2013 will be attended by the FARC.  The location this year is a high visibility location.  We will be setting up in the parking lot of the Guilford Drive WalMart.  Because public visibility is more important to us than the number of contacts made is the reason we have chosen this location.

Setup will begin about noon time, and will have to be accomplished quickly.  The trailer will be rolled in about noon as well. This will speed the setup so that we’ll be able to get on the air at the start.

We will be staffed throughout the night, and if you have logging laptops that will be a plus as we’ll be using the N3FJP Network Logging software. Which I will bring and setup to be operating in network mode.

It will need to be covered from Noon on the 22nd till about 4PM on the 23rd.  So we need those that can do a shift to speak up and let us know when you can be there.  We are aiming for numbers this time.  Even if you can only do a few hours, that will provide breaks to those running the longer shifts.  You can email me @ and I’ll start up a shift and coverage sheet for the event.  I will be running early on 22 June to pick up the trailer, and get it to where it’s going.

Lets make this the public event it should be, and get the word out about what we do.  Education is a wonderful thing.


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