Field Day 2022

Field day 2022 will be at Remsburg Park in Middletown on Saturday the 25, and Sunday the 26th.

This year we have set up a shared spreadsheet for volunteers to enter equipment and services they are willing to provide. These include

  • A Safety Officer (we have the medical kit, etc) on site.  See link below, it is basically filling out a checklist.
  • Antenna Czar to lead a small group of people to put up the antennas.
  • Two more PCs with N3FJP Field Day Logging Software installed (Call: K3ERM, Password: 35754)
  • Antenna Czar to lead a small group of people to take down the antennas on Sunday at 2pm.
  • Generator/gas/extension cords/power strips.
  • Photographer (nice to have).
  • A social media manager (nice to have).  See link below for field day public relations.
  • Someone to get the Field Day bulletin off the air.
  • Most importantly, people to operate the radios and make contacts.

This year we will run again as a 3A which means we can have 3 radio operators and three antennas running at one time (preferably on different frequencies!!).  We will also setup a GOTA station which is a station where even people that do not have licenses can get on the air.  We get bonus points for having non hams make contacts and it is also a great way to have your family and friends operate a ham radio even if they don’t have an FCC license.

To help plan we have created a signup spreadsheet.  If you are interested in participating in Field Day please answer the couple of questions so we can better plan.

Signup Form for Shifts, equipment, public relations, WIAW bulletin, etc:

Everyone is welcome to join us.



More Details on Field Day

The entire Field Day packet:

The official Rules:

Field Day FAQ:

Safety Officer Checklist:

Field Day Public Relations (for the social media manager):

Information Packet to explain to friends and family what field day is:

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