Field Day 2022 Was A Magical Success

Field day 2022 will be remembered as the magical weekend at Remsburg Park. This year we set up a plethora of antennas. Our antenna farm combined two HF verticals plus the club tower and horizontal wires covering 80-6 meters. VHF-UHF was also covered with a tall jpole on a mast and various other portable setups.

The club tower went up without a hitch and the old Cushcraft came together and radiated on all bands  with only touch-up tuning.

This year we added a touch of magic by having two of the three HF stations go completely solar powered:

The desktop computer and ethernet required AC as well as the camper air conditioning and freezer/refrigerator. However, the two HF rigs and laptops outside under canopy pop-ups operated 100% solar power. They charged 35-50 AH batteries during the day, as well as running the radios and laptops. During the night the radios and laptops operated on the large batteries, drawing the voltage down to 12.6 volts by the morning. Voltage regulators kept the radios happy at 13.8 volts. The morning sun re-vitalized everything to repeat the cycle.

Satellite/ISS operations were in full swing this year thanks to Steve W3ATN. Despite several conversations via the ISS repeater and one actual QSO with a real live astronaut a few days before, field day contact with the astronauts was completely swamped by all the competition.

The weather this field day was absolutely gorgeous with plenty of sun, no rain and just a slight breeze to cool things off. There were plenty of happy operators having fun, trying out new gear and practicing for off-the-grid communications should the need ever arise.

Copying the field day message from W1AW via RTTY and supervised by a furry friend.

Tony, KC3MBE, making the contacts in a trailer thoughtfully provided by Josh, K3BZZ.

Brauts, burghers, and hot-dogs were cooked to perfection courtesy of Steve, K3STE.

All too soon it was time to take down the masts, pack-up and head for home.

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