Hidden Transmitter Foxhunt April 21st

We hope you can join us for an Amateur Radio Fox Hunt at the Old National Pike District Park on April 21, 2024 starting at 1:30PM (weather permitting). We will have both walking and driving foxes (hidden transmitters) in place for you to use your radio Direction Finding (DFing) skills to find. The park is located at 12406 Old National Pike Mt, Airy, MD 21771. (https://www.recreater.com/248/Old-National-Pike-Park) We will meet in the parking lot near Shelter 2 at the woodland trail (see map on recreator site or flyer). Just look for the fox hunt signs and vehicles with antennas!

An Amateur Radio Fox Hunt is a practice drill to find hidden or lost radio transmitters using RF Direction Finding techniques. This is a receive only drill, so you do NOT need to be licensed to participate in this event. All you need to participate is a receiver/scanner capable of listening to signals between 144MHz and 148MHz, and an antenna. There will be extra equipment at the site for you to use. All our foxes will be on the 2M band.

We’ll have multiple fox hunts set up and running at the same time.
1. For the walking hunt, we’ll have a few low power (10mw) foxes located around the park for you
to find while honing your DFing skills and enjoying a walk in the woods! If you are “DF honed”
you might hop in the car to find the fox located a few miles away. At the walking hunt there will be assistance for those new to fox hunting.

2. For the more skilled fox hunters, there will be a driving hunt using a 1W fox located within a few miles of the park for you to find. The 146.730 repeater will be used to coordinate this hunt. At the beginning we’ll announce the fox frequency and take check-ins on the repeater so we know who is hunting. When you find the fox don’t tell everyone else in case you are the first. Just let us know you found it.

Please share this flyer with your friends:  https://frederickarc.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/Foxhunt-4_21_24-2.pdf

Hope you can join us!  Questions to Tony KC3MBE

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