Presentations Requested – Always Interesting

In an effort to make the monthly Frederick Amateur Radio Club meetings more informative and enjoyable, we are looking for folks to give a 20-45 minute presentation to the club on something that they know well. You don’t have to be a Ph.D. in electronic engineering or even hold an amateur license, just have something of interest to present to our membership.

Individuals who would be willing to speak on a ham related topic at one of our monthly meetings are encouraged to contact us. We meet on the third Monday of each month at 7 PM at the Independent Hose Company on Baughmans Ln.

Here is a compiled list of all ideas for possible presentations that has been received.


– Introduction to HAM Radio – Digital modes – Satellite communications
– Controlling your radio remotely – Stealth antenna designs – Ham radio and the internet
– Emergency Power Systems – Proper Station Grounding – EME
– DXpeditions – Mobile installations – General Computer Usage and Maintenance.
– Useful Open Source Software. – Networking Basics. – Basic soldering skills
– APRS Usage – Operating QRP both @ home/field – TNC Computer and Radio Integration
– Amateur Television – Antenna modeling tools for Dummies
– Workshop. How about a kit-building session where we all make something like a Tuna Tin transmitter
( )
– Theory and operation of simple tube radios (let us understand our roots)
– Presentations about what ham radio was like in the 30s – 50s, from some experienced ham family members
– Ham uses for the Raspberry Pi ( ), a $40 credit-card sized computer than runs Linux
HSMM-MESH – Rolling Multimedia Network for mobile event, real time video and audio coverage.


We are looking for more ideas, so if you are willing, we are inviting you to share your knowledge.

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