Winter Field Day 2024 January 27 & 28

Please join us for Winter Field Day (WFD) 2024 on January 27th and/or 28th at the K3MMM family farm outside of Emmitsburg.  This is the same venue as last year, but with lessons learned (including improved wood stove placement for more equitable heating).  While we’ll have some ready to go stations, feel free to bring your own gear including radios and antennas.   The goal of WFD is Emergency Communications (EMCOMM) practice/training.

Couple of things:

  • You DO NOT need to bring any equipment as we’ll have a few stations ready to go.  You MAY bring your own gear to try – we have plenty of space.
  • We expect to operate with neither commercial nor generator power.  Instead, we’ll be using batteries and solar only.  Granted, we may have a generator on hand, just in case.  We’ll have some spare batteries available with Anderson PowerPole connections.
  • You do NOT need any particular level of amateur license (or to be licensed at all), as we can act as control operators while you operate.  This is a very friendly opportunity to give it a try, with your only investment being a road-trip to Emmitsburg!
  • Winter Field Day runs from 2pm Saturday January 27th until 2pm Sunday January 28th. We’ll be on site from mid-morning Saturday until Sunday afternoon.
  • Official farm address is 17247 Annandale Rd, Emmitsburg. I’ll put the FARC banner at the end of the driveway – but your GPS will get you to the right spot.
  • Because it’s winter, and the weather is not certain, we’ll either set up in the back field equipment shed, which boasts nearby tall trees and wide open spaces, warmed by a wood stove. Or in the top of the barn, which while unheated, features a roof and walls. If weather is really uncooperative, we can always end up in the farmhouse living room.
  • We expect to operate on most amateur bands, using phone, CW & permissible digital modes. 
  • If you can’t join us, please try and work us!
  • Be SURE to check back periodically for updates as the date draws closer.  It’s winter and the weather plays a role in some final and last-minute decisions.
  • Find official Winter Field Day documentation here:

We hope to see you there!

Farm site plan for parking and operating locations:

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